Looking for Info on Managing Your Own Abortion? Here’s What You Need to Know – Updated June 4, 2019

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Self-managed abortion care using pills is very safe – the most dangerous aspect of it is not feeling able to go to the hospital for follow up care in the rare event that there is a complication. Again, medication abortion is remarkably safe, it is the legal rules and potential for arrest that make self-managing abortion care via medication “dangerous.”

  • A person looking for medications needs to be certain that the pills are actually the medicine they are hoping to use.
  • As of now, AidAccess is offering medication abortion through their website, which can be accessed here. NOTE AIDACCESS WAS BRIEFLY SHUT DOWN BUT IS OFFERING MEDICATION AGAIN, however information sent through that website is not secure and could be subpoenaed.
  • Should AidAccess not be available, PlanC offers a list of verified sites where pills can be obtained. Their report card and recommendations are here.
  • The highest rated lower cost medication provider outside of AID ACCESS  is here.
  • WHO (World Health Organization) protocols on how to manage an abortion using either misoprostol alone or misoprostol and mifepristone together can be found here at the Women Help Women website.
  • Should a person be attempting to induce an abortion and have medical questions about the process as it is occurring, they can reach out to a secure, private channel for feedback here.
  • A miscarriage induced by medications will look no different from a miscarriage that occurs naturally. There is no medical exam or drug test that can detect a self-managed abortion. If you have gone to a hospital because of any sort of pregnancy complication and are being threatened with an investigation, being asked questions you are not comfortable answering, or are in any other way being pressured by medical providers or other authorities who seem to be interested in something other than your physical well-being, reach out to the SIA Legal Team at their helpline.
  • Note: a medication abortion IS INDUCING A MISCARRIAGE. It will be a labor process. There will be quite a bit of blood, some tissue, likely a sac and even potentially debris that will have recognizable form. Be mentally, physically and emotionally prepared for that fact. Unless a person is experiencing a high fever (100.5 or higher) and/or bleeding through 2-3 pads per hour for more than 2-3 hours, that person is having a normal experience. More information on those complications and others are here.
  • For extensive information about self-managed care in one place, including how to best spread this information with others, visit the ReproAction website, which is the best source for information sharing.
  • Medication Self-Managed Abortion care is most successful early in pregnancy. However, many medical professionals do use similar regimes when doing abortions past the first trimester. Information on how to induce after the first trimester can be found on the ACOG website, which reads: “Mifepristone followed in 24–48 hours by misoprostol is the most effective regimen for second-trimester medical abortion, with up to 91% efficacy within 24 hours of initiation of misoprostol and with a significantly shorter induction interval and fewer adverse effects than misoprostol alone (30, 33, 34). However, mifepristone may not be available in all settings, and misoprostol as a single agent is effective for medical abortion (Box 1).”     REMINDER: Self-managing an abortion, especially in the second trimester or later, is a far more legally and medically fraught endeavor, especially as the pregnancy advances. It is always best to seek out a legal abortion provider whenever possible, but especially for later terminations.                                    
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