Information About Abortion Practical Support Groups By Region

Looking for a ride to a clinic, a place to spend the night for a waiting period, or a gas card? Or do you want to help people who might be traveling for care, offering rides, lodging or even meals while in town? Here are the practical support groups in your region and how to contact them directly:


P.O.W.E.R. House (Montgomery, Alabama)

Run by the Montgomery Area Reproductive Justice Coalition, the House can be used by the patients of Reproductive Health Services of Montgomery and their companions, offering shelter, a night’s stay with enough notice, and a place for a patient’s support person to wait with children if they have been brought to town for the appointment.


Access Reproductive Care Southeast [ARC Southeast]

Serving patients in Alabama, Florida, Georgia Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee, ARC can help arrange rides to clinics, escorts to an appointment or lodging near abortion clinics throughout the Southeast.

Phone: (855) 227-2475

Or contact their support request page at

Arkansas Abortion Support Network (AASN) (Little Rock)

AASN is able to provide limited rides to the state’s abortion providers in Little Rock and Fayetteville.

Phone: (501)712-0671


Fund Texas Choice

This organization helps fund transportation and lodging expenses for those who need to travel to access an abortion in Texas or for Texans accessing care outside the state. This includes bus and airplane tickets as well as hotel rooms and other necessities. This group serves all of Texas.

Phone: 1(844) 900-8908

Bridge Collective (Austin)

Bridge provides transportation and lodging specifically for patients using Austin area clinics. Lodging is often provided in the homes of their volunteers. Volunteers have all been trained and vetted by the group to ensure safety.

Phone: (512) 524-9822

Cicada Collective (Dallas/Fort Worth)

This group provides practical support such as lodging, transportation and abortion doulas to North Texas abortion clinics.

Phone: (940) 441-3337


Clinic Access Support Network [CASN] (Houston)

Like the others, CASN provides practical support like rides and overnight lodging for patients coming to Houston area abortion clinics.

Phone: (281) 947-2276

Frontera Fund (Rio Grande Valley)

The Frontera Fund specifically assists those in the Rio Grande Valley, either those seeking an abortion in the Valley or those trying to travel from the Valley to other clinics. The group primarily provides financial support to cover hotel costs for these patients.

Phone: (956) 307-9330


New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (Albuquerque)

With one of only a few later abortion providers in the country, the city of Albuquerque often sees many patients from out of the state. The New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice provides food, lodging and transportation to those in need of services to make that trip a little easier.


(note: please attempt to use the secure request form found on the financial assistance page before trying to contact the group via email)

West Coast

Northwest Abortion Access Fund [NWAAF] (Northwest and Hawaii)

Set up specifically for those in the Pacific Northwest, NWAAF’s travel support program will help arrange transportation and patient stays in local homes to help make an abortion more accessible. NWAAF funds those in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Alaska.

Phone: (866) 692-2310 option 3

Cascades Abortion Support Collective (Oregon)

Located in Oregon, this group provides abortion doulas for support during procedures, as well as transportation to clinics in Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

Phone: (503-610-0692)


Access Women’s Health Justice (California)

Access will provide transportation and lodging for those who may need to travel within California in order to access an abortion clinic.

Phone: 1(800) 376-4636

Spanish: 1(888) 442-2237

Midwest/Rust Belt

Kentucky Health and Justice Network

This Louisville organization coordinates support needs for those heading into Kentucky from neighboring states or those who may need to leave the state in order to access care.


Midwest Access Coalition [MAC] (Chicago)

Located in Chicago, MAC offers travel coordination and costs, lodging, food, medicine, and emotional support for those seeking a termination in the Midwest, or Midwesterners who need to leave the region to get an abortion.

Phone: 1(847) 750-6224


East Coast

Haven Coalition (New York)

Haven Coalition offers lodging and personal escorts to and from abortion clinics in all five Burroughs of New York City.


Brigid Alliance (New York)

Brigid is an abortion travel support group that is in the process of expanding services. They provide practical support like travel, meals and childcare for those seeking later second trimester care at Choices Women’s Medical Center, ParkMed NYC, and Planned Parenthood NYC. These providers all provide pregnancy terminations up to 24-26 weeks in pregnancy. They are also working to expand their network beyond the New York area, and also assist in getting patients seeking third trimester care to providers that offer it.


17 thoughts on “Information About Abortion Practical Support Groups By Region

  1. I have been a life long supporter of abortion rights. I had an illegal abortion in 1967.
    I worked for Planned Parenthood for 20 years as the Director of Education and Training. I am currently retired and very committed to support abortion rights in any way possible. Women , like myself, who experienced life when access to safe abortion was unavailable, need to speak out. We know the extremes to which a woman will go when she is committed to ending a pregnancy.

  2. I worked in a small women’s health clinic in New Haven, CT. during the early 90’s. I am still willing to work on behalf of women’s reproductive rights. I live in New Haven county and I’m willing to assist women as they seek to protect their own lives.

    1. How can I help? I live in Texas and am just waiting for something bad to come down here. Btw, I am 64 years old and never had to seek an abortion. This whole new movement is just so wrong

  3. Are there national level organizations? Like Planned Parenthood or other coalitions Can you please include these?

  4. I live in Ann Arbor Michigan. Can I volunteer a place in my home for a woman who lives in a state without access and her caretaker to stay if she arranges for an abortion here?

  5. In 1969, at age 17, I had a “legal” abortion based on a false claim of risk to my health, with the consent of a “guardian” who was the mother of a friend. (When I told my own mother 15 years later, she was sad that I had feared confiding in her.) I committed at that time that I would always support abortion rights. I live in a very progressive county in California, but I would be interested in providing moral support or one-on-one assistance to young women anywhere who have unwanted pregnancies. Is there a network through which I could connect to providing such direct services?

  6. I’m surprised there isn’t anything in my area already. How can we set up something in the Denver area?

    1. Colorado Doula Project was helping with practical support but I know they stopped. It’s interesting when you look at it because often the states that have good access (like Colorado) don’t have practical support groups, usually because there’s less need for them, but that’s also where you have the most bodies who want to help, too. I suggest reaching out to the Freedom Fund, the Denver area abortion fund, and asking them if they are doing practical support (some funds do one off help as patients need it). They would be the best ones to know the need for it and how to best set up more of a network, since the funds often work in tandem with them.

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