Cheat Sheet for Protecting Access

Need a quick guide on who to support, where to volunteer, who do donate to and more while you wait for book to come out? This is a cheat sheet that has been up on my Patreon page since Kennedy announced his retirement.


You want to save abortion? Here’s where to start now:

1)   Contact a local or national abortion fund. Give a donation once now, or, even better, become a monthly donor.


State by state list

2)   Get involved with your state NARAL affiliate (state list here)

3) Support an escort group

One good way to support escorts in general, or if you do not know your own local group, is to contact and support Clinic Vest Project.

4)    Find a local reproductive justice organization to work with. RJ orgs  are often WOC lead and work with local communities in an intersectional  way that makes them the best frontline for helping people access care.

Colorado Doula Project

Kentucky Health and Justice Network – Kentucky

New Voices for Reproductive Justice – Cleveland, Ohio

Restoring Our Own Through Transformation – Columbus, Ohio

Sister Song – Georgia

Feminist Women’s Health Center – Georgia

IndyFeminists – Indiana


Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund

New Voices for Reproductive Justice – Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Young Women United – New Mexico

Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network – South Carolina

Sister Reach – Tennessee

Healthy and Free Tennessee
Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project – Virginia

WV Free – West Virginia

5)   Support a group that offers practical support such as lodging, food and transportation:

POWER House  – Alabama

Alabama Reproductive Rights Advocates

Access Reproductive Care Southeast (AL, GA, FL, MI, SC, TN)

Arkansas Abortion Support Network

Access Women’s Health Justice – California

Women With a Vision – Louisiana, New Orleans

Midwest Access Fund

New Mexico Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

Haven Coalition – New York

Brigid Alliance – New York

Cascades Abortion Support Collective – Oregon

Fund Texas Choice

Clinic Access Project – Texas, Houston

Cicada Collective – Texas, North

Frontera Fund – Texas, Rio Grande Valley

Bridge Collective – Texas, DFW

NARAL Pro-Choice Wisconsin

6)   Support an all options, secular, non-judgmental pregnancy center like All Options in Indiana

7)   Learn about and support legal groups working to keep abortion accessible

Jane’s Due Process

SIA (Self-Induced Abortion) Legal Team


Center for Reproductive Rights

ACLU Reproductive Freedom Project

Women’s Law Project

8)  Know and support independent abortion clinics

These vetted independent providers  put a patient’s experience first, and will ensure their safety and  comfort. Many accept direct assistance to help more patients. You can  also donate directly to their organization, the Abortion Care Network.

9)   Learn about what your state will look like without Roe:

What if Roe Fell – Center for Reproductive Rights

Abortion Policy in the Absence of Roe  – Guttmacher Institute

10)   Learn all you can about medical protocols and self-induced abortions, where medications can be obtained and how they are used. Information is legal and available for sharing. 

Self-Managed Abortion, Safe and Supported (SASS) –


Use the Plan C report card to find providers of legitimate pills

11) Support medical groups trying to keep providers trained.

Medical Students for Choice

Ryan Program


12) Support Plan B availability – but do it RESPONSIBLY

Don’t buy out a store – people need it on shelves for a true emergency. Here are better options:

Buy online. You aren’t in a hurry. Wait it out. Online places can restock, but pharmacies take longer. Don’t take all of the packages, when someone with a real emergency might find an empty shelf.

Don’t get more than you reasonably need – it expires in 3-4 years. And remember that there is a weight limit to its efficiency. Be sure to be prepared to follow up if it doesn’t work.

CALL or visit all of your pharmacies in person. Make sure they are aware  that you are checking to see if it is in stock. If not, ask who to talk  to. If it is, thank them and ask who to contact to thank the company.

Find your local repro rights or repro justice group (see above links). Ask if they are doing work to deliver EC. If so, give them the funds to purchase and/or offer to help deliver for them and expand their reach.

Groups that do Plan B delivery:

Linda D Foundation (Alabama)

Plan B NOLA (New Orleans area)

IndyFeminists (Indiana)

Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund