What Everyone Can Do To Be Ready for the Texas Abortion Ban

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Texas’s “heartbeat ban” may go into in effect in a week & unlike past bans this one really might get enforced. This is exactly the scenario I wrote #postroehandbook for


Ready to talk about actions? This will be controversial, so grab your seatbelts…. (1/29)

First there is the easy stuff: if you live in Texas and can get pregnant, up your birth control if possible. Get two (but no more than two, don’t empty the shelves) EC doses if you can. (2/29)

Ask a dr for an Ella script if you have a doc. If none of this is possible financially, check BCbenefits for help https://www.bedsider.org/where_to_get_it/bcbenefits/faq (3/29)

Buy pregnancy tests. A lot. Check often. Here’s where you can get super cheap ones that are still very sensitive https://www.amazon.com/Wondfo-Pregnancy-Strips-Early-Detection/dp/B07TXRF21X/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=wondfo&qid=1629819090&sr=8-2. Remember that some clinics will do med abortion prior to seeing something in the uterus (ie – pre “heartbeat”. (4/29)

Now we get more controversial – should you consider getting an abortion? Yes, I mean now. Hear me out…. (5/29)

Medication abortion is EXTREMELY safe. Many states allow it now without an ultrasound. Even more states allow it to be mailed to you without ever going into a clinic.  (6/29)

It is a hormone blocker (mifepristone), and a medicine that causes contractions (misoprostol). Together it has been used millions of times over more than 20 years with very VERY few complications. https://www.kff.org/womens-health-policy/fact-sheet/the-availability-and-use-of-medication-abortion/ (7/29)

“What about an ectopic pregnancy?” you may be thinking. Guess what – very few pregnant people get ultrasounds in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy, even when they want to stay pregnant. They are at just as great of risk of ruptured, undiagnosed ectopic. (8/29)

When medication abortion is sent through the mail, there is a list of warning signs for ectopic to watch for. Just like you would get from a doctor if you went in for prenatal care in the first few weeks after a positive test (which many people DO NOT DO). (9/29)

What are the biggest risks of medication abortion? One – legal risk. In Texas, this would mean a fine or jail if this new law goes into effect. You can bet they will prosecute as hard as they can to serve as a warning and scare people off. (10/29)

Two – waiting too long. AidAccess, the easiest, most affordable way for people to get pills, is seeing a major delay in delivery. Many people now can’t get medicine for as long as a month or more. They are missing the most effective window for medication abortion success. (11/29)

So, what would happen if a person got an abortion now, and put it away for future need? First let me be abundantly clear THIS IS NOT LEGAL NOW, AND WOULD BE ESPECIALLY NOT LEGAL IF THE BAN IS ALLOWED. THIS IS JUST A THOUGHT EXPERIMENT. (12/29)

Getting a medication abortion to have on hand could hypothetically address a number of the biggest concerns once abortion is illegal: (13/29)

  1. Early medication use makes for a less physically onerous abortion process. (14/29)
  2. Medication already on hand means less likelihood of information getting public that a person is pregnant, which could be used as evidence if they suddenly…aren’t. (15/29)
  3. LOTS of people obtaining medication makes it far more difficult for everyone to get in trouble over it. (See this article here for a good protest example http://koreabizwire.com/125-women-take-abortion-pill-in-protest-of-anti-abortion-law/123240) (16/29)
  4. If a person had it and didn’t need it but knew someone who did whom they completely trust, they could then get medicine to them discretely and quickly to help them avoid prosecution and wait times, too.  (17/29)

Still talking hypothetically, if a person lived in a place where it is illegal to obtain medication abortion by mail without receiving it from a state licensed physician (such as Alabama), they could find someone they trust in a different state w/ telemed & have THEM order meds (18/29)

Then that person could send those med thru the mail to directly (hypothetically), while being VERY careful not to have a discussion about this in any place publicly accessible (FB/twitter/email). They would probably be safe using signal phone/disappearing msg &/or proton mail (19/29)

I could tell you that I researched and attempted this myself and had meds in a week, but that would get me in legal trouble and be silly anyway since my tubes are tied and I can’t get pregnant. So I didn’t do that. (20/29)

There are a LOT of ways to stay secure when taking action to end a pregnancy outside of the (now even more onerous) inconsistent and politically motivated and not medically indicated clinic restrictions. They are in my book, and also accessible here – https://sevenstories.com/blogs/184-the-end-of-roe-is-coming-how-will-you-prepare (21/29)

Now for some serious rabble rousing ANY person can do to take action against the Texas ban if it really does happen. TURN IN PEOPLE HAVING ABORTIONS! (But not really). (22/29)

Activists in Texas have already pointed out that antis are starting tip lines to report people they suspect (not even know, just suspect) had or helped someone get an abortion. It’s a system totally ripe for abuse by people who want to target people politically or personally. (23/29)

But what if these lines were FILLED with reports? Like, UTTERLY filled. I mean, to the gills? Wow that would be hard to sort through, investigate and prosecute, wouldn’t it? https://twitter.com/ncardenastx/status/1428861766432350218 (24/29)

I mean, it would be a shame if there were too many “tips” to sort the ones from people who really should learn to mind their own business from the people who think that this law is a really awful, unjust and unconstitutional one. (25/29)

So, there, a few easy prep steps for this week to be prepared for what’s to come. Remember, there is something for everyone, whether you are in Texas or out, capable of being pregnant or not, financially stable or counting every penny. (26/29)

But – if you are financially stable, please consider giving to a Texas abortion or practical support fund. They are going to be doing the lion’s share of the organizing and assistance for people who can leave the state, and under fear of prosecution, too. (27/29)

A list of groups to support is here, and they deserve every dollar you can spare (click on “Get Help”) https://needabortion.org/ (28/29)

And remember, my book has these and other to do lists/guides for keeping abortion accessible even when it’s illegal/impossible to get from a clinic (orders here support indy clinics thru @abortioncare) tinyurl.com/newpostroe (29/29)

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